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Does my dog need to have vaccinations? Yes! It is a condition of my Boarding License issued by West Berks Borough Council that all dogs need to be fully vaccinated (including Kennel Cough). "The Primary Course of vaccination must be completed at least 2 weeks before the first date of boarding"

Do you accept puppies? Yes we most certainly do!

What happens if my dog becomes ill? If possible we will take your dog to its own vet. If this is not possible for any reason we will take them to the our veterinary surgery. Any veterinarian bills will be the owners responsibility. All Vet bills will be paid by me and you can reimburse me directly upon your return.

What do I need to bring? Please bring your dog's Vet book, bed, food, lead and any favourite toys and treats.

Where will my dog(s) sleep? You dog will sleep wherever he/she feels the most comfortable! If he/she is used to a crate then please bring that with you. Otherwise the dogs can choose to sleep anywhere.

What if my dog is on medication? Not a problem at all. Just make sure you bring enough of the medication to last for the stay and I have a Medication Form to ensure that your dog will get his/her medication at the right time.

Do you accept all dogs? Sadly no, we cannot accept aggressive dogs.

Will my dog be walked? Most definitely! The dogs are walked twice a day (once for 40 minutes and once for 20 minutes) plus they have full run if the garden all day.

Have I missed something? Please feel free to give me a call and I will clarify anything! 

Marie Worthington

Owner of Oscar's Pals

Chairman and Founder of the Association of Dog Boarders (ADB)

| Our Testimonials

Marie is great she is never fazed when I bring different dogs I know they are safe and well looked after

Shelley Richards

My dog isn't the easiest in the world...takes his time with getting to know other people and other dogs. Marie knew this and was fine to take him despite this and has been extremely patient with both him and me since!! She updated me regularly on Ru's first visit when I was a nervous wreck and she hasn't pushed him to have to do anything he doesn't want. As a result he seems comfortable and very happy both when she comes to pick him up and tired and content when he gets home. He's my baby so really important to me that he's with someone that I absolutely trust not to make the issues he has worse. Thanks Marie

Beth Nicholson

Marie walks my puppy Chase 5 times a week for me as I suffer from arthritis in both knees and can't walk very far Marie has been a god send as chase is a jack Russell X terrier and has endless energy He loves his walks with Marie and Oscar and waits every morning for her to arrive and barks with delight when he sees her car pull up I would recommend Marie to anyone who's looking for a dog walker / boarder

Anne Trinder

Marie has looked after our dog Ronja on several occasions when we have travelled for holidays or work, and despite suffering from separation anxiety, she always has a great time! I would definitely recommend Marie – Ronja will be back!

Marie Aronsson-Storrier

Marie walks my dog Robbie. He is a 1 year old Doberman and she does an excellent job. Robbie is large and likes to be "in control." Since Marie has worked with Robbie he has improved on his walks . Robbie is a lot calmer when we arrive home from work. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone requesting a dog walker and pet sitter. She is awesome!

Tracy Little

Marie walked my 2 year old Staffie Teddy whilst I was away, I'm so glad she replied to my message on a local FB page as Teddy loved her and thoroughly enjoyed their walks with Oscar. I highly recommend Marie as she is so reliable and reasonably priced. I would definetly use her services again :)

Thanks Marie! P.s. Teddy misses you!

Katie Priest

Marie has been walking my cockapoo puppy since he was 3 months old and has been amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Lauren Foncette

I cannot recommend Marie highly enough! She took such good care of Pickle and Chico while I was away and they had a ball!.

Suzi Harris

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